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One of the merits of the P4014 against a new printer is the low cost of good re-manufactured cartridges.

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HP P4014, P4015 and P4515 Series Printers - Error 10.


10.xx.yy Cartridge Errors

HP print cartridges contain a substantial part of a printer's working mechanism - the precharge and developer rollers, photoconductive drum and the waste scraper mechanism. Changing a cartridge replaces all these critical components in one simple action.

There are two types of cartridge:

One of the differences between the printers is that the P4014 cannot use the high capacity (low running cost) cartridges - they don't fit. Even if you modified the printer the firmware might still reject the cartridge. (Firmware can be changed but if getting low cost print is a piority just use remanufactured cartridges)


10.XX.YY SUPPLY MEMORY ERROR - infoThere is no memory chip or "e-label" on the cartridge or it is defective.

XX is the type of memory error "00" being "defective memory" and "10" being "memory device not found"


YY is the location - "00" being "black print cartridge" (01=Cyan, 02=Magenta, 03=Yellow). Mono printers like the P4014 series only have a black cartridge so the message will be one of 10.00.00 or 10.10.00.

10.00.00 SUPPLY MEMORY ERROR - infoThe printer found a memory chip but the printer software says it is defective.

10.10.00 SUPPLY MEMORY ERROR - info The printer has not found the print cartridge memory chip or "e-label".

HP and other printer manufacturers have all taken to putting chips on cartridges to record usage and "assure users of their authenticity". To put it another way, they would like to keep others from making cartridges for their printers, because that is where almost all the profit in printers lies. The most likely reason to get this message is that a refilled or clone cartridge does not have a new chip, or the chip does not work correctly. Minor possibilities are a malfunction in the chip-memory subsystem.



Try reinstalling the cartridge in case its position did not engage the memory contacts. Check whether the old cartridge now gives the same problem - there may be damage to cartridge contacts. Also try turning the printer on and off.

Is the cartridge an HP original in an HP branded box? If the cartridge is an HP original turn the printer off, reseat the cartridge, turn the printer on and see if the message clears. If it does not is there any possibility the cartridge is counterfeit? HP have a hotline to spot counterfeits, they will want the vendor name and serial number.

There is a lot more information about changing a print cartridge here

If the cartridge is not an HP original but a refill, refurb or compatible and you bought it because it was cheaper did the vendor claim their supplies chip would work?   Manufacturers like Static Control put considerable effort into making chips compatible with the major printer manufacturers branded cartridges. The brands respond by encrypting the content so there is a constant technological war in progress.

Printer manufacturers have been known to change the cartridge encryption algorithm during a firmware update so that competing products give an error.

It is just possible that the cartridge chip reading circuitry has failed. On a P4014 the link through connector J74 on the DC controller carries the cartridge chip information. Replace the cartridge (or disable checks).

With colour printers it is sometimes possible to move a cartridge into another slot and see if the error follows it. If there is more than one printer of the same kind obviously the cartridge can be tried in another printer. It should not be possible to "poison" a printer with a bad cartridge so 10.10 errors should clear when the printer has a good supplies memory.


10.94.YY REMOVE SHIPPING LOCKS FROM CARTRIDGE - the orange tabs and plastic insert have not been removed from the cartridge.


Remove whichever orange element has not been dealt with. The orange pull tab running into the cartridge seals the toner hopper against leakage and the effects of humidity before use.


Web Research

I tried querying Google with 10.XX.YY SUPPLY MEMORY ERROR in quotes; it gave About 67,400 results so this is a fairly common problem. For obvious reasons the answers were all across the HP printer range so I narrowed the query using P4014 "10.XX.YY SUPPLY MEMORY ERROR". (I do note that this won't be what the user types into a search engine).