CB506-67904 Official HP Tray 2/3/4/5/6 Roller kit for Laserjet P4014/P4015/P4515

£122.92 ( £147.50 inc. 20% VAT)

Availability: In stock for immediate despatch, but may also be back-ordered at the lower price of £88.34+vat - email us for details


Contains one pickup roller and two feed/separation rollers, enough for a single paper cassette (Tray 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6):
1 x RM1-0036 Tray2/3/4 pickup roller
2 x RM1-0037 Tray2/3/4 feed/sep rollers

Official HP kit – should contain instruction sheet CB506-90946 which shows fitting rollers into Tray2 of a LaserJet P4015.

These rollers also fit the HP M4555, M601, M602 and M603, but the instruction leaflet is specifically targeted at the P4015.

An alternative (much cheaper) kit containing identical original parts, but without instructions, is available as FKIT4700C.

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