EXPVAC Atrix Express Toner Vacuum with HEPA Filter

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A compact but powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter

Ideal for cleaning printers, photocopiers and faxes as well as computers and keyboards.
The HEPA filter is manufactured with fail safe bonding and leak prevention and is 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. This makes it suitable for extracting soot, pollen, dust, precious metals, paint pigments and other ultra-fine particulates including black and colour toner.
The vacuum comes complete with a 6′ toner-proof hose, flexible goose neck, crevice tool, crevice tool brush and a 12′ power cord. All of the accessories are statically conductive (ESD Safe) for maximum static protection, safeguarding the operator and sensitive electronic components.

o Voltage – 220v
o Dimensions – 31cm x 19cm x 17cm
o Weight – 1.8 kg
o Motor – 600 Watts
o 18 Month Warranty
o Replacement HEPA Filters are available
o Now with a free mini Vacuum Attachment Set with Universal Connector, Adaptor, Straight & Curved Pipes, Oval & Round Brushes, and a Crevice Tool

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