HP RM1-4562 Paper Feed Shaft Z Assembly.

The Feed shaft holds the Pickup Roller RM1-0036 and the Feed Roller RM1-0037, so if they have been replaced and paper pickup is still a problem it might conceivably be blamed.

RM1-4562 is only used in the LaserJet P4014, P4015 and P4515 although a very similar part RM1-8424 is used in HP's LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601, M602 and M603 and the old LaserJet 4200 used a rather simpler part RC1-0211 with swing plate RL1-0013.

The pickup shaft assembly is a steel rod with a cog latched on one end protruding into the RM1-4532 paper pickup drive assembly where it meshes with the drive cogs powered by the main motor. At the paper-cassette end of the rod the shaft carries a gear with a ridge moulded on it that engages the RM1-0037 feed roller when it is latched onto the shaft. Also at the cassette end of the arm is the mounting for the RM1-0036 pickup roller which is driven via an idle cog on a little swing plate from the rotation of the main shaft. The feed shaft runs through a flatish plastic moulding which is spring loaded down towards the paper in the tray. However a tab on the moulding also protrudes through a slot into the pickup drive assembly where it acts as a cam follower. The pickup roller assembly is normally rotated away from the paper by the cam follower, but it has a release point and then the roller drops into the tray.

The flatish moulding is the "flag" for the top of stack sensor which is a WG8-5624 photo-interrupter mounted on the chassis just behind it. When the cassette tray is pushed home and this is lowered the paper lift drive RM1-4585 will run until the top of stack presses up and the sensor triggers.

When the printer is to feed paper the motor RL1-1657 is started solenoid RK2-0270 triggers and the Z assembly drops (on the cam follower) and puts the RM1-0036 in contact with the page and it rotates pushing the paper forward until it makes contact with RM1-0037 at which point the z-assembly rotates and lifts away again, leaving the paper free to move with the feed roller roller. Eventually the paper feed rollers built into the body of the printer RM1-4527 take over and drive the paper up to registration and then the transfer station.

We are currently aware of one significant fault that specifically suggests replacing RM1-4562. On the end of the assembly, between the two rollers is the little idle cog. This cog isn't fixed in position but is spring loaded against a white plastic circlip. Either through careless user action or perhaps because of a design fault that circlip can get lost and the cog falls off. It is quite difficult to spot in the dark on the underside of the printer. A simple test is to rotate the blue cored roller at the front anti-clockwise, the white cored roller at the back should also rotate anti- clockwise (the idle cog disengages clockwise). Search for that circlip, cog and spring if this happens - they are not available as separate spares. Cogs from new Z assemblies reputedly do not fit old Z-assemblies. That seems to be the point of the re-design noted below. There is more information

Getting at this part is a bit of a nightmare as it requires the rear shaft and the paper pickup drive assembly to be removed and the spring loaded cam follower and cassette out mechanism both change position when you do that. We suspect that left to itself there isn't a lot that can go wrong in here, the parts are greased for life and it would take one hell of a toner spill to get them. However you might have to take the paper feed mecahnism tto bits to get at the Z assembly if it's cog goes missing.

Persistent faults with paper feed might suggest examining this part and those associated with it listed above.

The associated parts are listed above.

HP Information

HP Partsurfers says (July 2013) ...

RM1-4562-000CN Paper feed shaft (Z) assembly - Where paper pick-up roller and feed roller mounts on

... suggesting this part has been through at least two design or supply-chain variations. Enquiring about an individual part is no more informative.


RM1-4562-010CN is GTIN 5711045351853 according to Icecat. The variant part numbers don't seem to have been allocated a different GTIN.

The Alternative parts aren't likely. This is an obscure part used in a specific design of printer. The only sources of supply will be HP and second-user.


Supply Situation

These are not commonly required parts but nevertheless Googles suggests About 14,100 results (0.24 seconds). That is quite some population offering a really obscure part and an indication that the online parts market is over-stuffed with me-too clone sites offering parts they found in lists.

Our own list processing suggests that two of the UKs distributors carry this part new from HP, neither has stock but the price would be below £10. Delivery from HP would probably take 5-7 days. There will also be some "refurbished" material available. One distributor that we know dismantled half a dozen decomissioned machines a few months ago and no longer list this part so they may have been sold.

We will usually be able to source these parts on demand for a price a bit below £10 if there are any users out there. These are guidelines, our prices change with distribution lists - see the catalog. Stock numbers indicate there is not much call for the part.