HP RM1-8408 Front Cover for the HP Laserjet M601


HP RM1-8408 Front cover is the plastic cover that protects the front o0f the printer.

HP Partsurfer says:

RC2-000CN Legal tray cover - For Laserjet P4015/4515 series

Icecat says this part has a product code of RC2-5239-000CN and the EAN/UPC code is:5704327924616. There are 1974 views on this product

This part might also be known by HP's full code is RM1-8399-000CN

M601, M602, M603

Supply Situation

In November 2014 this part is shown under four distributors, one has stock of refurb covers, there are no new available. New this part is around £8, Refurb around £7 . Stock figures indicate there is low demand for this part. These are just guidelines to give an idea, our prices change with distribution lists - see the catalog . .

Stock numbers for the option cover vary with time and at the moment there is limited stock which indicates there is very low demand for the part.

If stock is available, we would usually be able to ship this part for next-day delivery.