Lexmark T620 and T620n

The Lexmark T620 and T620n are A4 monochrome laser printers aimed at "workgroup" office use. The T620n differs in having an Ethernet print server built in and a larger 32MB base memory.

The T620 aims to deliver 30 pages per minute; the T622 is closely related and uses a faster processor and more RAM to provide 40ppm.

These machines were introduced in June 2001. Both machines are a second generation of the T610 series using a different toner and fuser design to help speed things up. The engine number is still 4069. For some reason Lexmark dropped the "Optra" name.

The T520 (20 page per minute) and T522 (25ppm) also introduced in June 2001 are similar but essentially cheaper. They have smaller cartridges at a lower price for smaller workgroups. Engine number is 4520

The T620 machine was also available as a multifunction printer / copier as the X620e; It came with a Lexmark 3100 or 3200 scanner on top.

Model Names and Part Numbers

For research purposes the US and Canadian part numbers are given; the UK and EU numbers are not currently known.

  • T620 4069-520 20T3600 20T3601
  • T620n 4069-52n 20T3650 20T3651
  • T620in: 4069-52n 20T3700 20T3701
  • T620dn: 4069-52n 20T3750 20T3751

The T620 was also available in the US equipped for main use as a label printer.

  • T620 for label applications:20T3639
  • T620(n) for label applications:20T3689
  • T622 4069-722
  • T622n 4069-72n

Although it's an old design the T620 / T622 performance isn't greatly surpassed by more recent printers so there are a lot of these machines in use.

The Lexmark T620 engine also appears as the IBM Infoprint 1130 and the Lexmark T622 as the IBM Inforprint 1140.


LCD Display and simple buttons.

Duty Cycle:

150,000 pages per month

Up to 30 pages per minute.

The printer has a fairly powerful 300MHz processor and base models have 16MB of RAM. The printer will print quickly using built-in fonts. High definition bitmapped graphics could slow the printer down in which case more memory should help. There is a trade off between 30 pages per minute at 300, 600 and 1200 image quality. The printer is slower at true 1200 dpi.

Scanner Abilities:

The T620 and T622 appeared with a integral scanner as a multifunction machines X620e

1200 Image Quality, 300 x 300, 600 x 600. True 1200 x 1200 available.

Paper Handling:

A4 / US-letter paper path.

Standard Paper Handling Configuration

  • 100-sheet multi-purpose tray
  • 500 sheet drawer
  • 500 sheet output bin

Maximum input sources:

  • The 2 standard inputs plus
  • 4 additional drawers (250-, 500-,and 2,000-sheet) in any
  • One envelope feeder

Media sizes:

  • Standard support including letter, legal, A4, A5, JIS B5, executive, folio, statement, and custom sizes from 5.5" x 8.27" to 8.5" x 14"
  • Expanded custom sizes from 2.75" x 5" to 8.5" x 14"available with the Universally Adjustable Tray

Media types:Plain paper, bond, envelopes, card stock, transparencies,paper labels, dual-web labels, polyester labels, and vinyl labels.

Media weights:

  • 16 lb. to 47 lb. bond
  • Up to 125 lb. card stock

Multifunction Tray:100-sheet multi-purpose tray folds down on the printer front

Tray 1:500 sheet drawer under the printer

Tray 2, 3, 4 5:Several 250 sheet or 500 sheet drawers can be stacked under the printer.


Option available for two-side printing


PMC-Sierra RM5231A-300. 300 MHz


Memory base model, standard 16 MB maximum 384 MB

Memory network models, standard 32MB maximum 384 MB

  • T620 16MB/384MB
  • T620n 32MB/384MB
  • T620in 32MB/384MB
  • T620dn 32MB/384MB


USB and bidirectional parallel ports as standard on all models.2 x Lexmark Internal Solutions ports. The T620 supports the MarkNet N2000 series internal print servers.


10BaseT/ 100BaseTX Ethernet standard on "n", "in" and "dn" models

  • Optional Tri-Port Adapter with RS-232/422 Serial, LocalTalk and IR Adapter ports
  • Optional USB/Parallel 1284-C Interface Card
  • Optional Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS

Network Protocols:


  • PostScript 3 emulation standard
  • PCL 6 emulation standard
  • PPDS Migration Tool

Font Selection

PostScript 3 emulation

  • 156 scalable fonts

PCL 6 emulation

  • 84 scalable fonts
  • 2 bitmapped fonts

PPDS Migration Tool

  • 39 scalable fonts
  • 5 bitmapped fonts

System Compatability:

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Me,98, 95, NT 4.0 or higher;
  • UNIX, Linux and Mac OS


W x D x H - 419 mm x 513 mm x 404 mm



Acoustic Noise:

51 dBA printing

30 dBA idle


These printers use an all-in-one print cartridge making basic problem solving easy for users. The cartridge holds toner, developer and photoconductive drum in one unit. The pre-charge roller is separate, as is the transfer roller. At intervals of around 300,000 pages the printer will request a new fuser. Both fusers and maintenance kits that include the rollers are available.

Lexmark provide regular cartridges with a 10,000 page yield at 5% cover and high yield cartridges lasting for 30,000 pages. There is also a special cartridge for label applications.

12A6860 - 10,000-page Return Program Prebate print cartridge (ships with T620)

12A6865 - 30,000-page high yield Return Program Prebate print cartridge

12A6765 - 30,000-page high yield print cartridge

12A6760 - 10,000-page regular print cartridge

12A6869 - 30,000-page print cartridge for label applications, Return Program

11K3188 - Finisher Staples for the T622


Laser printer fusers adhere toner to the page using a combination of pressure and heat. Fusers report that they are exhausted when the non-stick surface wears out after 300,000 pages. The fuser may fail earlier with recycled print cartridges because of inapropriate toner. Media like vinyl's, transparencies and labels can also cause problems.

99A2402 110V Fuser Assembly with 115V 875W Lamp for the Lexmark T620

99A2401 220V Fuser Unit Assembly with 220V 875W Lamp for the Lexmark T620

99A1966 Fuser Cover

99A0725 Wiper Assembly Oily fuser wiper for labelling applications.

Maintenance Kit:

The LCD control panels will display the message "80 Scheduled Maintenance" after the T620 has printed 300,000 pages. To maintain print quality Lexmark suggest replacing the fuser, transfer roller and other parts in the kit. It is not vital to replace the parts - no harm will be done by continuing. However if the printer is suffering from marks on the page, dirty page margins or misfeeds fitting the maintenance kit and giving the printer a good general clean is recommended. To clear the message the maintenance count must be reset to zero.

99A2408 110 Volt Maintenance Kit

99A2407 220-240 Volt Maintenance Kit

The maintenance kit includes transfer roller, charge roller and fuser.


Most spares appear to be available in February 2010

40X4308 Pickup Roller (Pack of 2) (40X0070 was formerly used but 40X4308 is now used)

40X0070 Pickup Roller (pack of 2) (99A0070 was replaced by 40X0070)

99A0076 MP Tray Pickup Roller Assembly "Pick roll assembly"

99A0083 Separation Pad AKA "MPT Pad Assembly"

99A0725 Wiper Assembly Oily fuser wiper for labelling applications.

99A1536 250 Sheet Tray, complete assembly. Used in T520, T620, T62, T630

99A1576 500 Sheet Tray, complete assembly. Used in T520, T620, T62, T630

99A2444 Pick Arm Assembly (500). Used in the T620 and T622.

99A1533 Redrive Assembly. Inner 500. Used in the T620 and T622, Optra T612, T614 and T616.

99A1015 Transfer Roller. Used in T620, T622, T520, T522, Optra T610, T612, T614 and T616.

99A1017 Charge Roller Assembly. Used in T620, T622, T520, T522, E220, E320 etc

56P1220 T620 System Board (was 56P0053)

56P1221 T620N System Board (was 56P0054)

56P1222 System Board Assembly Used in the T622

56P1223 Networked System Board Assembly Used in the T622dn, T622ln and T622n

56P1228 Bellcrank, Spring Arm Bellcrank. Used in the T620, T622, T520, T522, T640 etc

99A2441 Main Fan. Used in the T620 and T622

99A2448 Laser Scanner/Printhead Assembly Used in the T620

99A2451 HV Power Supply. Used in the T620 and T622


Its an old design no longer offered new. Brokers and refurbisher are likely to offer the printer as-is or complete with a recycled toner. The user manual can be found on the Internet. Windows and Linux systems come with drivers built in.


Originally provided with 1 year LexExpress Warranty. These printers are sufficiently old that they are unlikely to be covered by any warranty now.


We offer repair in North East England. We are researching service and repair options for these printers.


The printers are old and whilst they are still widely used optional parts such as trays and paper stackers are no longer likely to be available new. (Memory probably is).