Lexmark T650n

A4 monochrome printer with a speed of 43 pages per minute. The Lexmark T650n Printer Family includes the T652dn with a speed of 48ppm and the T654dn with a speed of 53ppm. The T656dne provides a 7-inch screen and a range of PC-free print options.

The Lexmark T650 is available with built in Ethernet, hence the "n" suffix on the name. The engine type is "4061" Models are

T650n built in Ethernet 30G0100 or 30G0129

T650dn built in Auto-Duplex and Ethernet 30G0106

T650dtn Auto-Duplex, Extra Tray and Ethernet 30G0107

The T650 is part of a long series of "workgroup" monochrome laser printers starting with the T610 series. The T650 uses a rather different engine but the same general approach based round a large single piece print cartridge.

Lexmark publicity reads:

Robust, ultra-fast and incredibly versatile, the Lexmark T650n Series fits every type of need. Whether youre looking for a serious performer for high-volume printing or an effective solution for printing on a wide range of media, these powerful monochrome laser printers deliver the ultimate combination of quality, low ownership costs and outstanding reliability. Quality and productivity unite

With the new redesigned Lexmark T650n Series, you can now own an office machine that pushes quality and performance to truly impressive levels.

Automatically adjusts toner darkness for consistent results from first page to last

Unrivalled versatility

Every workgroup is different. So why not match your printer to suit the way you work? Benefit from diverse media support plus a range of flexible choices, including leading-edge paper handling.

  • Opt for extra drawers to expand your input capacity up to 4,000 sheets
  • Ultra-reliable paper feeding supports diverse media, including card stock and labels
  • Stapler option with 50-sheet capacity; offset job stacking
  • Install up to two 5-bin mailboxes to separate users' output

TheLexmark T650n Series offers you a wide range of intelligent features that help you maximize uptime, save money and work more efficiently than ever before.

Should the media required for a job not be available, Job Waiting automatically places the job on hold to keep the print queue flowing (hard-drive option required)

Direct Web printing lets you print Web-based documents with ease

Printing responsibly means everyone wins - your business, your budget and the environment! Lexmark T650n Series printers are designed with sustainability in mind. Theyre incredibly quiet and equipped with a range of eco-conscious features to help you print greener at every level.

  • Duplex printing models reduce paper consumption
  • Eco-Mode reduces power consumption
  • As quiet as 53 dBA when printing; reduce sound even more with Quiet Mode
  • Lexmark High Yield (25,000* pages) Print Cartridges conserve resources
  • Rock-solid reliability!

Introducing the new Lexmark T650n Series, a robust range of workgroup printers that are built to last and keep up with your heaviest print volumes.

Backed by an award-winning sixth-generation print engine and Lexmarks proven track record in product innovation, these rugged workhorses ensure maximum uptime while reliably delivering fast, high-quality pages year after year.

Like all Lexmark business-class printers, youll benefit from Lexmarks solid service guarantee of 1-Year Exchange Service, which provides you with next-business-day response. Now you can have a truly reliable solution that meets your highest expectations!

The Productivity Checklist

One persons setback should never mean a bottleneck for the whole workgroup! Say someone launches a print job that requires labels, but there are none loaded. Why lose precious uptime? Lexmarks Job Waiting feature will simply hold that job aside while everyone else goes on working without interruption (hard drive required).Outstanding print quality.

When you purchase a high-performance workgroup printer, you expect high-performance results and that includes flawless print quality. The Lexmark T650n Series combines true 1200 x 1200 dpi with automatic darkness adjustment and pixel-boosting technology, ensuring you high-quality, professional documents every time.

From network security to user-access restrictions, Lexmark makes sure youre fully equipped with all the tools you need to help keep your valuable corporate data safe and sound. In addition to IPSec, SNMPv3 and 802.1x network security, the Lexmark T650n Series offers an alphanumeric pad for easy PIN authentication, plus encryption and disk wiping to secure the optional hard drive.

Simplified management

Take a load off your IT department. These printers are network-ready and very easy to set up. If you have multiple Lexmark devices installed, the Lexmark Universal Driver offers even easier deployment. And Lexmark MarkVision Professional software provides simplified remote management and automated tools to keep your workday flowing!

Cost-saving and environmental features

Duplex models are Energy Star compliant

Duplex printing, Print and Hold, multi-up and support of recycled paper help reduce paper consumption

Eco-Mode reduces power consumption and Quiet Mode reduces noise

High Yield Cartridges and Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program help reduce waste


4-line 160 x 64 pixel All Points Addressable (APA) backlit gray-scale display

Duty Cycle:

Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 200,000 pages per month

Recommended Monthly Page Volume 3,000 - 20,000 pages

Printer speed depends quite heavily on how quickly the computer can produce the image, then on the communication path. The printer itself will tend to most nearly meet its rated speed when printing plain text for an inbuilt font. Printers tend be slower when handling heavily graphical images such as full-page photos and (less self evidently) bitmapped PDFs. The 128MB memory provided on these printers will generally be sufficient but if graphics do slow

Print Speed (Letter, Black): Up to 45 ppm

Print Speed (A4, Black): Up to 43 ppm

Time to First Page (Black) As fast as 7.5 seconds

The human eye can distinguish resolution down to about 300dpi and lines down to about 0.01mm. At 1200 dpi the printer is capable of fine lines and its best black and white photographic reproduction but may be slower. There is a tradeoff between speed and resolution.

1200 Image Quality, 2400 Image Quality

true 1200 x 1200 dpi

600 x 600 dpi

Paper Handling:

A4 / US Letter paper path

Paper Handling Standard

  • 100-Sheet Multipurpose Feeder
  • 250-Sheet Input Tray
  • 350-Sheet Output Bin

Paper Input Capacity, 75 gsm or 20 lb bond

  • Standard 350 pages
  • Maximum 4000 pages
  • Standard 350 pages
  • Maximum 2750 pages

Multifunction Tray:100-Sheet Multipurpose Feeder, folding down at the front

Tray 1:250-Sheet Input Tray, built into the printer base. The T652n and T654n have a larger 500 sheet tray.

Tray 2, 3, 4:Tray 2 is provided on the T650dtn

Optional stack of drawers

550-Sheet Drawer,

250-Sheet Drawer,

Face Down:

350-Sheet Output Bin

Output Options:

  • 5-Bin Mailbox,
  • 1,850-Sheet High-capacity Output Stacker,
  • 550-Sheet Output Expander,
  • StapleSmart II Finisher
  • See the T654n page for a diagram of the printer options


Automatic two-sided Printing: Optional. Duplex provided on the "T650dn" model, Upgrade available




Memory, Standard 128 MB

Memory, Maximum 640 MB

Expandable Memory Options Yes


USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified,

One Internal Card Slot


Fast Ethernet

Network Protocols:

TCP/IP IPv4, TCP, UDP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, LexLink (DLC)


LPR/LPD, Direct IP (Port 9100), Socket (Raw TCP/IP)


NDS Queue-based Printing, NDPS/NEPS (Novell Distributed Print Services, Novell Netware Enterprise Print Services) Enhanced IP (Port 9400)


PCL 5e Emulation, PCL 6 Emulation, Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS), PostScript 3 Emulation, xHTML, PDF 1.6, Direct Image, Microsoft XPS (XML Paper Specification)


Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, XP x64, Server 2003 running Terminal Services, 2000 Server running Terminal Services, Server 2003 x64, Server 2003 x64 running Terminal Services, Vista, Vista x64, Server 2008, Server 2008 x64, Server 2008 running Terminal Services, Server 2008 x64 running Terminal Services Apple Macintosh Operating Systems Supported, Apple Mac OS X, Apple Mac OS 9.x


Size (mm - H x W x D) 348.5 x 425 x 493 mm

Size (in. - H x W x D) 13.7 x 16.7 x 19.4 in.


Weight (kg) 18.4 kg

Weight (lb.) 40.6 lb.


The printing process consumes toner which it supplied in convenient single-piece print cartridges. The T650 can take ordinary 7,000 page yield cartridges and a high yield 25,000 page version. Much less frequently the printer will need a maintenance kit which replaces the fuser and several rollers.

The T650 takes cartridges with an average yield of 7,000 and 25,000 pages (at 5% cover). Average standard page yield value declared in accordance with ISO/IEC 19752.

Cartridge Shipped with the T650 is a 7,000-page Return Program Print Cartridge

T650A21E Print Cartridge 7,000 page yield.

T650A11E Print Cartridge Return Programme

T650H21E High Yield Print Cartridge 25,000 page yield.

T650H11E High Yield Print Cartridge Return Programme

T650H04E High Yield Print Cartridge for LabelApplications, Return Programme

25A0013 Staple Cartridges 3 pack


Laser printer fusers use a combination of heat and pressure to bond the toner powder to the page. The fuser has a non-stick surface to prevent toner bonding to it, but the properties of the material decline over time with wear from the paper and the toner materials. The fuser then need replacing. Normal procedure with this printer is to use a maintenance kit. A maintenance kit provides the fuser, charge roller, transfer roller and pick rollers. Using certain kinds of media or recycled cartridge toner can cause fusers to fail prematurely so they are available as separate units.

The T650 fuser is said to come in T1 and T2 types - the label can be viewed on the existing fuser with the print cartridge removed. Fusers also come with different voltage ratings; that for the UK and Europe is normally 220 Volt and for the US 110-120 Volt. Japan uses 100 Volt.

T1 fuser

40X1870 (100 V) Fuser for T650, T652, T654 X651, X652, X654, X656, X658,

40X4418 (110 V) Fuser for T650, T652, T654 X651, X652, X654, X656, X658,

40X1871 (220 V) Fuser for T650, T652, T654 X651, X652, X654, X656, X658,

T2 fuser - However these part numbers given in the user manual don't seem correct.

40X1872 (100 V) (User Manual says fuser - lexmark shop says Deflector assembly ??)

40X1873 (110 V) (User Manual says fuser - lexmark shop says Deflector assembly ??)

40X1874 (220 V) (No result)

The following parts apply to printers primarily used for label printing.

40X4417 Fuser wiper "Fuser wiper cover". Used by T650, T652, T654, X651, X652 etc.

40X2665 Oil Fuser Wiper Black Housing 40X2665. (lexmark shop says for the T640 ?)

Replace wiper half-way through life of Label Toner Cartridge or when Touch Screen Display Message prompts to do so.

40X2666 Wax Fuser Wiper Grey Housing 40X2666. (lexmark shop says for the T640 ?)

Replace wiper half-way through life of Label Toner Cartridge or when Touch Screen Display Message prompts to do so.

Maintenance Kit:

Laser printer fusers have a limited life as explained above. After 300,000 pages the printer will show the message "80 Scheduled Maintenance" (The User manual says "80 Routine Maintenance needed").

At this point various components should be replaced to keep the printer functioning optimally. The maintenance kit contains the fuser, pick rollers, charge roller and transfer roller.

Maintenance kits appear in T1 and T2 varieties and in voltages as outlined above.

40X4723 (100 V T1 fuser)

40X4724 (110 - 120V T1 fuser) T65x, X654e, X656e, X658e

40X4765 (220 - 240 V T1 fuser) T65x, X65xe

Again the user manual claims there are two types of kit but lexmark shop does not recognise them.

40X4766 (100 V T2 fuser)

40X4767 (110 - 120 V T2 fuser)

40X4768 (220 - 240V T2 fuser) T65x, X654e, X656e, X658e


The basic spares are available as part of the maintenance kit (Transfer and Charge rollers and Pickup Rollers plus a fuser )

40X4308 Pick rollers "Pick roll assembly (2 per package) T650, T652, T654 X642e etc

40X5852 Charge roll assembly with tool 40X5852 used in T650, T652, T654 X651de etc

40X1886 Transfer roll assembly with tool 40X1886 used in T650, T652, T654 X651de etc


1-Year Exchange Service, Next Business Day

Product Certifications:CAN/CSA-C22.2 60950-1, CSA E60825-1, ICES-003 Class B, BSMI Class B, CNS 13438, VCCI Class B, US FDA, FCC Class B, UL 60950-1, IEC 320-1, EN/IEC 60320-1, CE Class B, CB IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1, EN/IEC 61000-3, EN 55022 Class B, EN 55024, EN/IEC 60825-1, GS (T?V), SEMKO, UL AR, CS, T?V Rh, SMA C-tick mark Class B, CCC Class B, CISPIR 22 Class B, EK Mark, N Mark


We are researching service options. Repair for these printers is available in North East England


1,850-Sheet High-capacity Output Stacker

200-Sheet Universally Adjustable Tray with Drawer

400-Sheet Universally Adjustable Tray with Drawer

5-Bin Mailbox

550-Sheet Drawer

Envelope Feeder

250-Sheet Drawer

250-Sheet Duplex Unit

Optional furniture required.

2,000-Sheet High-capacity Feeder

550-Sheet Output Expander

StapleSmart II Finisher