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Products – Brother


These product write-ups stretch back many years.
Some are now out-of-date, but many remain useful sources of information.

Brother Printer List

Brother DCP 165C
Brother DCP 375CW
Brother DCP 6690CW
Brother DCP 7030
Brother DCP 7045N
Brother DCP 8040
Brother DCP 8060 / DCP 8065DN
Brother DCP 8070D
Brother DCP 8085DN
Brother DCP 9042CDN
Brother DCP 9045CDN

Brother HL-720 / HL-730 / HL-760
Brother HL-820, HL-1020, HL-1040, HL-1050
Brother HL-1250
Brother HL-1030 and HL-1200
Brother HL-1060 / HL-1070
Brother HL-1230 and HL-1400 Series
Brother HL-1240
Brother HL-1250
Brother HL 1260, 1260e, 1660, 1660e
Brother HL-1430
Brother HL-1440
Brother HL-1450
Brother HL-1470N
Brother HL-1650 / HL-1670N
Brother HL-1850 and HL-1870N
Brother HL-2030
Brother HL-2060
Brother HL-2070N
Brother HL-2100
Brother HL-2400C
Brother HL-2460
Brother HL-2600CN
Brother HL-2700 / MFC-9420
Brother HL-3260N
Brother HL-4040CN
Brother HL-4050CDN

Brother HL-4200CN
Brother HL-5030 / HL-5070
Brother HL 5100_Mono Laser Printer Series
Brother HL 5200_Mono Laser Printer Series
Brother HL-5280DW
Brother HL-6050

Brother MC-3000

Brother MFC 490CW
Brother MFC 590
Brother MFC 845CW
Brother MFC 890
Brother MFC 990CW
Brother MFC 5890CN

Brother MFC-6490CW
Brother MFC 6890CDW
Brother MFC 7225N
Brother MFC 7420
Brother MFC 8220
Brother MFC 8440
Brother MFC-8000 Series. 8460N, 8860DN etc
Brother MFC-8460 8660 8860 and 8870DN

Brother MFC 8820D
Brother MFC 8840D
Brother MFC 8880DN
Brother MFC 9160
Brother MFC 9180
Brother MFC 9420CN
Brother MFC 9760
Brother MFC 9800
Brother MFC 9840CDW
Brother MFC 9880
Brother MFC-L2720DW Printers – Index